​The owner of BAR-Engineering - Brian Andersen - started as a speedway rider at the age of 12.

He spent a 10 year long professional career with the last five years as a Grand Prix / World Championship rider.

In 1997 he won the British Grand Prix at Bradford - GB.

​His racing career and the working with his own engines has given Brian Andersen a lot of invaluable experience, which is of great advantage to his customers today.

In addition to tuning and servicing speedway engines for many different riders, BAR-Engineering have the import and sales of GM-engines and original spare parts, plus many other products and parts.​

Further in 2005, BAR-Engineering purchased the rights to produce KWP-flywheels and crank-pins etc. for speedway together with his CNC-operated machinery.

This have given the company a great opportunity to make many more high-quality products for speedway - please take a look at the link " BAR Products"

We hope that you will find our homepage very interesting and appealing and we look forward to wellcoming you for future business.





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