BAR-Engineering has extensive experience with various jobs within CNC-turning, and with our Okuma L300 E-MY CNC lathe with Live tooling and Bar feeder, are you as a customer guaranteed a very professional job with a high quality finish.

We have specialized in jobs within prototyping developments, and therefore are the ideal choice for the production of small series. We take pride in delivering small unique solutions, but we also resolves larger productions.​

​Close Cooperation in CNC-Turning

Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths, and it gives us the ability to have continuous and close cooperation with the customer throughout the development of the product / parts.


​BAR-Engineering is often there from the very beginning, when the idea of the project is developed, so we are a competent sparring partner throughout the process within CNC-Turning.

Fast delivery

Our CNC lathe can hold work pieces up to ø300mm in diameter and 1000mm in length, and therefore we can solve most jobs within CNC-Turning. Since we usually work with smaller batches, and due to our great flexibility, we are able to offer short delivery times to our customers.

​You are very welcome to contact us for further information or a quote on CNC-Turning.



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